Our part of Microsoft’s .NET Conf 2019

We invite you to our local .NET event as part of Microsoft’s .NET Conf 2019, organized by our .NET community.
This year's theme is addressed to all professional programmers and will apply to the .NET Core - 3.0.
Join our event and find out something about the new version - you can't miss it!
As part of global event, we will stream content directly from Microsoft Labs with selected, best presentations held by .Net professionals like Mads Torgersen, Bill Wagner, Daniel Roth, Stephen Faulkner and many more.
See the agenda of virtual event for details.

October 14, 2019, start at: 9:00
Hotel Ibis Styles Wrocław Centrum - plac Konstytucji 3 Maja 3, Wrocław

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During the meeting we will have presentations held by our community members:

.Net Conference 2019 – Local keynote (Dariusz Żuk) 
Darek works as managing delivery architect for Capgemini Poland since 2011. Working with .Net framework since version 1.1 would like to share with You some reflections on how this impacts our work as developers or architects and what we can expect next. He will summarize highlights of the local event and in which direction .Net is evolving.

Performance in .NET Core 3.0 (Michał Bryłka)
Based on my experience of developing a fast, non-allocating parser of strings, I’d like to share how easy it became to write high performance code in .NET Core 3.0. Agenda:
List of performance improvements in .NET 3.0
Hidden allocation costs
Span and Memory – a new first class citizen in C#
System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe – is it really unsafe?
ref (readonly) structs + ref returns + ref local == ref everything
Hardware intrinsic and SIMD vectors
Array pool and stack arrays
Introduction to parsing trees

ASP.NET Core For Beginners (Michał Trembowski)
Introduction to ASP.NET Core. This presentation shows overview of the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. We will take a look separately at model, view and controller and see in examples, how to implement this layers.
In this presentation I will also show example, how to create a Razor Page in Visual Studio.

SPAs in ASP.NET Core with Docker and Azure (Kamil Tusiński)
The recently released ASP.NET Core includes many improvements such as updated SPA templates. The templates can be used to build single page apps.  In the presentation I will cover front to back process of creating SPA with ASP.NET Core including DevOps with Azure Pipelines. Demo App will build and push to Azure Container Registry that will be hosted by Azure Web App Service.

Building reactive systems with Akka.NET (Ngoc Trung Nguyen)
Nowadays it is very important to build responsive and resilient systems. The spread of the computers and devices that are able to connect to the Internet caused a need to design the systems that are able to handle different load conditions and to be responsive to the users at the same time. In my presentation I am going to focus on showing how we can build the reactive systems using Akka.NET.

The presentations will be in English.
We will be pleased to meet at the event, so don’t miss the chance to register.


October 14, 2019, start at: 9:00
Hotel Ibis Styles Wrocław Centrum - plac Konstytucji 3 Maja 3, Wrocław

Mandatory registration!

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