Relocation bonus

The relocation bonus is an additional benefit offered to the employee only once in the amount of 10,000 PLN gross. The purpose of this benefit is to cover the costs of moving to Wroclaw or Poznan.



Who can get the relocation bonus?

To receive the relocation bonus from Capgemini, you need to fulfill one of the following conditions before joining the company:

work for at least one year on an job contract / employment contract,
work on other contract for not less than 40h per week in the average,
work on  B2B contract (but not as delegation job).

Relocation must indicate that the place of work before joining Capgemini was placed not less than 70 km from Capgemini’s office (distance measured in a straight line).

 The relocation bonus  can also be offered to an employee, who has graduated full-time studies just before starting working  at Capgemini, and the university was not less than 70 km from Capgemini's office (distance measured in a straight line).

 The period between the completion of studies and starting a job at Capgemini must be not longer than 4 months.

 An employee may apply for the relocation bonus within 3 months from starting working on employment contract at Capgemini.



In order to receive the relocation bonus payment, the employee is required to provide to the HR Department a statement  from the previous employer about the place of work.

In the case of students, university or graduation certificates are required.